De Post Ford - Soup Station

Wokshop by 
Daniela Dossi
Irma Földényi

Project by/
Aldo Cancino 
Raphael Coutin


C-mine, Genk BE 

Genk’s monocultural industry no longer exists, new work perspectives must be developed for the population in this region. The existing knowledge and skills, combined with existing and new types of distribution and production, can provide surprising connections and insights. By searching for ways to connect various aspects new concepts for services and models that link local institutions and business strategies with the specific skills of the Ford Genk workers were developed into Post Ford Probes. Post Ford Probes are a constellation of small, open and connective work realities to achieve a new, environmentally-based society and are based on the major existing production contexts in the Genk region, such as agriculture, mobility, craft and culture.
One of the experimental strategies developed in the workshop is Soup Station. It is a service where commuters can deposit their groceries in a mobile kitchen at Genk station. The supplied ingredients will be used for a fresh soup made by a chef (a former Ford Genk worker with culinary skills and ambitions) and can be picked-up in the evening.