Economia video exhibition

Design & production / Bygg Architecture & Design

Curator / Lorenzo Gerbi - Baltan Laboratories

Footage /Corradino Garofalo

Editing / Tommaso Colelli

Date/ Videos released
5nov 2020 –
12nov 2020 –
20nov 2020

Location/ Online


A few weeks before the annual Dutch Design Week 2020 in Eindhoven, new Covid’s regulations came into effect and as a consequences all physical events got cancelled. Facing this new reality, together with Curator Lorenzo Gerbi, we decided to re-design the exhibition for online viewer only.

The main challenge was to present a mix of physical and video work thought a flat 2D screen. To respond to this challenge we explored the camera as a tool not only to present footages of the projects themselves but to treat the whole exhibition as on online experience and thus to treat the backstage as part of the spatial design. The scripted video shows the experience of placing an artistic work into a space, from the unboxing to the placement within the other work, slowly building up the full exhibition.

We design a very simple space, build from cardboard boxes, inside a ring made from track rail. In that way we allowed the camera to turn around and show all the work individually while keeping the idea of a common exhibition where all the work could dialog with one and another.

Furthermore the whole exhibition has been scanned in 3D and some elements became part of the presentation if the work online.