Perception of_ in Ventalló

Project by  Raphaël Coutin 

Francesco Pace

5 July 2016 

Ventalló, Spain

Perception of _ is looking at architectural shapes of cities, for instance in Ventalló. Captivated by buidlings, shadows, details, or terrain vague, Raphael has wanted to create an archive of shapes, with a series of prints revealing the architecture of a specific place. Much like a samplebook, preserving essential features of man constructions, reconfigured into art, and treasured once again according to his perception. In order to bring the project toward a new step, Raphael is now working with Francesco Pace. Together they animate those picture responding to the sounds of the town. The vision is now taking the emotional rythm of where it belongs. By the same token, this artistic endeavour is intended to raise awareness, part testimony to our amazing ability to adapt, and part tool for architects to quickly understand the identities of places and to see the failure or success of design.