Plug-in Campina

Workshop organized/
New Horizon &

Design team/
Bygg Architecture
Studio Ivo Hulskamp
Raphaël Coutin

DDW 2018 
23-24 october 2018 

Campina Terrein, Eindhoven NL
48h competition ‘ Circular Campina’ in Eindhoven 

Winner jury award
Winner public award

The Team proposed a concept for the future “Campinaterrein” at the canal in Eindhoven. The main goal of the competition is finding a solution to re-use the materials, that are currently redundant in the existing factory buildings and integrate them into the design of the new development, using the principles of circular economy.

Inspired by the constant movement in the city, we added an extra layer to the public space, for both residents and guest users. With the circular materials from Campina, we build steel structures to bridge the transformed factory buildings on a suspended level, with movable platforms intended for different activities. The concept proposes four axes: hospitality, leisure, urba farming and urban sports. Moreover, we want future users to define specific functions of each platform. To achieve that we scatter them at first throughout the city, making the reuse of the materials visible and engaging communities in the design process, to finally have them return to Campina.