plug-in-city 2.0

Project by the pluggers, initiated by Trudo

Animation by Raphaël Coutin

Pluginpaviljoen, Bygg Architecture, Ivo Hulskamp, Ben Pearce, Barbara Medo, Vertical Gallery, Next Circle, rararadio, Miss Billy, Theo Typisch, Ztudio 23 - Plastival, Phillipa Horgan

Stichting Plug-in-City
board member/
Ivo Hulskamp (chairman) Tim Kouthoofd (treasurer) 
Piotr Szczesniak (secretary)
Raphael Coutin (communication)
Tessa Dwyer (community)

Board of advice/
Jan Van Dijk
Fulco Treffers
Angelique Spaninks
Marc Van Der Linden
Indre Kalinauskaite

Official opening 21 sept 2018

Plug in city is a temporary village, in the middle of Strijp-S, Eindhoven, that functions as a creative living lab, workshop, event space & cultural center.

Through the use of containers, old windows, solar panels and other second-hand materials, this small “city” is built on the principles of Circular Economy, for which it received the 2017 ABN-Amro Circular Economy Award.

Plug-in-City is organized and inhabited by a collective of creative professionals, such as designers, architects, artists and other individuals, who we all call “pluggers”.
We design furniture, sculpt wood, curve neon lights, draw buildings, we build machines...
We question social design, we explore the concept of circular economy…

In addition to being used as a living lab and workshop by the “pluggers”, the space also serves as a cultural meeting point for the community of Strijp-S, where we regularly organize concerts, workshops, talks or all kind of cultural evenings.

Plug-in-City was established in 2014, with the concept initiated by Trudo and the space constructed by Bygg Architecture. It all started with Het Glaspaviljoen - an event space for the Strijp-S community. Over time, Plug-in-City was joined by artists and designers, which significantly broadened our scope and exploration of a variety of creative fields, from music and gardening to fashion and product design. The results of our collaboration and individual work are continuously being showcased during the annual Dutch Design Week.

2018 brought about an opportunity for us to re-develop and upgrade this project into what we call "Plug-in-City 2.0". We worked on a new design that emphasizes the vision of PiC even more: using co-creation for making this space an inspiring creative melting pot in Eindhoven.