Re_Loc_ from Raphael Coutin on Vimeo.

Project by
Tim Kouthoofd
(Bygg Architecture)
Piotr Szczesniak
(Bygg Architecture)
Indre Kalinauskaite
Raphaël Coutin

Sponsored by
Bas Luiting
(ReDesign Factory
Michel Baars
(New Horizon)

May 2016

“A tool to foster interaction and collaboration between refugees and the local community"

Re_ Loc_ proposes a coming together of local communities and refugees through adaptable architecture. Introducing these two groups to each other is important, as it helps to overcome angst which arises from facing the unknown. Angst that we get when we are put in the unknown territories, introduced to unknown experiences or people. Our design team presents a way to support interactions between the host communities (Loc_) and the refugees (Re_) on different levels and eventually soften this angst.
We propose a toolbox, consisting of building elements made of re-usable materials, harvested through urban mining. The modularity of those elements allows the development of various designs, able to adapt each time to the need of refugees, embedded in a local community. We have worked out three examples.
The first example allows willing local individuals to host refugees on private grounds, while helping a human in need and hopefully inspire other society members to do the same.
The second example supports the interaction between the local community and refugees by being open, transparent and inviting to the host community, as collective facilities are integrated in the existing urban settings.
The last example illustrates how the function of an abandoned building changes to homes for refugees on the upper floors and a self-managed community area on the lowest levels. Here, locals and refugees meet each other, interacting at a food court, work shop, retail, and similar.