Vertical Gallery

Project by

Fictional Collective:
(Joan Vellvé Rafecas, Corradino Garofalo, Raphael Coutin

(Gabriela Baka, Lorenzo Gerbi)

In 2015 a group of international creative practitioners members of the Fictional Collective, Corradino Garofalo, Gabriela Baka, Joan Vellve Rafecas, Lorenzo Gerbi and Raphael Coutin joined the collaborative project of Plug-in-City (PiC), Eindhoven. The project that developed from this common initiative is the ‘Vertical Gallery” (VG), an exhibition space and workspace for a diversity of creative interventions, located in Strijp-S area. Particularly, VG presents site-specific works that engage with the PIC community and philosophy. The work developed in VG leave a trace within PIC. This trace can be physical outcomes, collaborations with the pluggers or immaterial value to add to PIC concept.