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PROJECTS by date
· Homo Sensorium
· Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
· work, body, leisure at HNI
· dutch design award exhibition
· plug-in Campina
· work, body, leisure
· plug-in-city 2.0
· crow’s Nest
· vertical talks
· con/vert
· fictional island
· NewMaterialAward Milan

· NewMaterialAward Eindhoven  
· field work Luma
· the first whole moon catalog
· Re_Loc
· perception of_ in Ventallo

· perception of_ in Detroit
· vertical gallery
· TFM precious
· the voices of plug-in-city
· plug-in-city 1.0  
· TFM hacked
· re-place
· re-place research
· celebrate the end
· les glaneuses
· de post ford - soup station
· the worker
· thorns
· la chasse aux lucioles

· · · other  · · ·  


· ESAD Valenciennes
· KABK Den Haag
· Bezalel Academy
· DAE Eindhoven

· Masterclass Micro-Folie


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Since 2015, Raphaël Coutin has worked at the intersection of design and architecture as an independent studio. Trained in sculpture at ENSAAMA in Paris and later in social design at Design Academy Eindhoven, Raphael develops his practices by collaborating with diverse creative studios, institutions and schools, exploring the creative world of design.

Raphael seeks to create a dialogue between his design, its territory and concept, based on the premise that projects always take place in a specific social and geographical context. He sees design as a tool for building connections and for transforming ideas, ideals, vision or reflection into an understandable, tangible outcome. Maquettes, drawings, 3d models, animation and scale prototypes are just some of the approaches Raphael uses to develop projects in to a specific reality.

Studio Raphael Coutin
Daalakkersweg 6, Hal G

5641JA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
NL. +31 619 438 530

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